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Hello All !

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DustedHam    151

Hey just thought my first post should say hello maybe a bit about myself.


Hello every one,

I like making games (but I guess that's why we're all here), The language I most enjoy doing that with is C#

but I also know a bunch of other languages. I don't have any art skills as far as drawing, modelling or animation go, but

I do like to think I'm an al-right programmer.


I don't really have a favourite genre of games, but I play a lot strategies and shooters I guess (bit of an odd combo I suppose).

Oh and arcade style games have a habit of holding my attention for fairly long lengths of time too. as of right now

the three games I'm playing the most are Borderlands 2, 7 Days to Die, and Hitman 2.


I guess that's a little bit about me....

other brief notes I suppose are:

  • Canadian
  • Loves food
  • Jokes a lot
  • Steams a bit
  • In collage

any way it's nice to be here, I like it so far.

I don't know how often I'll jump into conversations, but I'll be reading around.

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DustedHam    151

Thanks guys, I'm getting a lot of info so far.

only trouble I'm having is finding a tutorial on fast paced network synchronization, with some source code to learn from.

(I sort-of get the concept but seeing some one else's code will make it click a little better, especially if I can do some science with it). 


I'm sure its around, I'll find it eventually. :D 

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DustedHam    151



also I'll start looking at those videos, C++ isn't my forte but I'll figure it out, Its a language I've been meaning to learn anyway. biggrin.png

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