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who knows the masm version of OpenGL ?

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if theres anyone in here , who''s not an ass it would be nice if they would write a simple , approx. 2 foot strip of OpenGL display list code or less . they wont write any in masm just in a masm script & slightly altered OpenGL code . they will recieve 50% of everything & anything whatever they want to add can be added .

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You know, I''ve seen you post this request many times now, and I must confess I''m still not sure what you''re asking for.

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yes, i know what a display list is.

However,......there are a few things i''m not familiar with..


1]A 2 foot strip of OpenGl code (what is a 2 foot strip of code?)
2]Masm "script" (scripting in masm, huh, i dont get it)
3]Slightly altered OpenGL code (wtf is this?)
4]nor do i know or understand the meaning of "masm version" of OpenGL, what version is that exactly, i''m not familiar..????

5]Basically, nobody can answer your question because you dont know how to ask it. Go read some more, and then come back when your terminoligy is at least correct.


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i am having trouble with this . who wants to help ? im simply trying to make a loop to generate approx. 20 million triangles as simple particles . the loop doesnt work for some reason or it makes no difference whether i use it or not . what am i leaving out ? what order did i mess up ?

xor ecx,ecx ;sets ecx = 0
DrawGLScene proc
invoke glLoadIdentity ;resets modelview matrix (x=h,y=v,z=d) before you move plotter
;.REPEAT ;loop start
fld sinx ;load sinx
fadd i ;(sinx+i)
fsin ;calculate sine(sinx+i)
fmul xl ;xl*sine(sinx+i)
fstp x ;x=xl
fld siny ;load siny
fadd i ;(siny+i)
fsin ;calculate sine(siny+i)
fmul yl ;yl*sine(siny+i)
fstp y ;y=yl
;fld sinz ;load sinz
;fadd i ;(sinz+i)
;fsin ;calculate sine(sinz+i)
;fadd zl ;zl*sine(sinz+i)
;fstp z ;z=zl
invoke glCallList, cell
fld x
fsub i
fstp r2
fld i
fadd ii ;increment i by ii scale
fstp i ;store in i
inc ecx ;increment ecx
mov eax, 1 ;
.UNTIL ecx==20000 ;loop until ecx = value
DrawGLScene endp

invoke glNewList, cell, GL_COMPILE
invoke glBegin, GL_TRIANGLES ;TYPE triangle
_glColor3f r1,g1,b1 ;COLOR R G B
_glVertex3f x1,y1,z1 ;POINT center top vertex (corner)
_glColor3f r2,g2,b2 ;.COLOR R G B
_glVertex3f x2,y2,z2 ;POINT left bottom vertex (corner)
_glColor3f r3,g3,b3 ;COLOR R G B
_glVertex3f x3,y3,z3 ;POINT right bottom vertex (corner)
invoke glEnd ;fill it in & end
invoke glEndList

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