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Dunegon Sickness

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This is our game from Orichalcum, named Dungeon Sickness. It's a 2D top-down dungeon crawl for PC, Linux and Mac.

The game revolves around a man who finds himself imprisoned without any information in a dungeon haunted by a mysterious sickness, full of monsters and other clueless unfortunate people. The goal is to escape, the choice between fight or cooperate is left to the player.


The game features a single player campaign, local and TCP/IP multiplayer and, if we manage to complete the development, a massive multiplayer mode set in a persistent, huge dungeon. Lots of unique items, monsters, magics and weapons and random generated dungeons are also present.


Here are a video and some screenshots: (something went wrong with embedding it seems)








We'd appreciate your feedback!


- Links -

Official site:
IndieGoGo campaign:
Facebook page:

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