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fbx sdk help/information

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not sure if this is the right forum section but hey, seemed logical as fbx is an API set?


ive been developing an opengl game engine and ive been told to include FBX support because its "easy".....

well i already have obj's and MD5 meshes/anims in my engine so i thought...what the hell as exporting MD5 as opposed to fbx is more hassle

ive ready the documentation, and the samples....and alls i can say is wtf?

Ive manage to load a mesh from the control point however only the vertices using getControlPointAt() and getPolygonVertexCount() and GetPolygonVertices()

two questions surrounding model loading

  1. how do i get the normal/color/texture co-ordinates
  2. i do a lot of archiving, is there a way for fbx sdk to read file from string or memory rather than flat file? (im using libarchive)

now as with MD5Mesh i thought fbx would use something like storing a weight with the vertex along with allowing you to store which bone/bones it is tied too? am i wrong? seems a logical way of doing it...

basically im stuck with animation as the examples are...confusing

i just want to be able to say to the animation

  1. give me number of frames, and fps
  2. for the given animation name give me this particular frames array of bone transformations so I can assign the array as glm::mat4 and send to my shader?

is that possible?

any help in understanding this would be great? ive spent far too much time on this with very little progress in the matter

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