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Six Miles Under

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Six Miles Under is a 2D brawler game set in a dismal, post-apocalyptic reality of an underground city. The game combines action with investigating elements, all set in hand-drawn surroundings and supported by film noir style plot.


The game is primarily single player, but we are also considering additional co-op maps that would fit the story.


We've been greenlit recently, and are preparing beta build for broader testing.


Alpha trailer


Check it out on Youtube, or directly on Greenlight page.


Release Date and Platforms


Early 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux




- Dynamic and diverse combat (currently our main effort, blog post with big update coming soon)

- Atmospheric art style accompanied by rock/metal music

- Investigation system that helps unfold the story



More info


- Our Webpage

- Recently created DevBlog, where updates are going to be posted

- Facebook and Twitter for easy access to updates



Let us know what you think!

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