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A look into the game industry

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GameDesign14    124
I found this on the World of Warcraft website and it was written by a World of Warcraft employee so i thought i would share this with everyone, its recent as of 2013. And i have the link to the original post below. The replie from the Blizzard employee can be found on the 17th post on page1. If you do not like clicking links. just copy a paragraph and paste it into google and click search and click on "8 year old gets advice about game industry".

[copied/pasted text deleted by moderator, per comment below] Edited by Tom Sloper

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Tom Sloper    16040
gamedesign14, it's not a good idea to copy so much text from a site and paste it onto another site. I googled the passage you cited and found that it's on a bunch of other sites as well:

It may even be against this forum's rules to copy-paste so much text. I recommend you not do it again.

[Edit] I deleted the copy/paste. We prefer linking, not pasting -- we also generally prefer someone to share their own thoughts rather than just dumping a link. Edited by Tom Sloper

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