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2D Turn Based Hex Strategy Game Creation Advice

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Hello, I know these must come up a lot but they probably make for a good first post :)


I've been contemplating a game like this for a while and looking for a new project so wouldn't mind giving it a go. I've Googled and read a lot but you do get quite overwhelmed by the sheer recommendations of one library/engine and then the opposite on another site. I would appreciate your advice based on some specific questions if you don't mind.


I am a web dev by trade, so I'm familiar with html/css, js and php (though I don't think php will be of much use to me) and have some basic experience with Python.


I've zero interest in learning C, or it's derivatives, as I tried once and it's headache inducing for me after using something as fun as JS for so long.


I take it I should probably go the JS route? Being most comfortable here. If it's possible with that language. A web based (ajax driven) game is fine, the thought of mobile is a long way off. I am not thinking along the lines of those time based browser strategy games that are out there.


Is there any libraries/engines you would recommend for this kind of game?


What are some principles/theory do you think would be worth studying for such a game. Single and multiplayer, so things like AI are a sure bet, for eg.


Are there any other resources you might recommend when creating a game like this?





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I've just started looking at html5 engines, and what I've kind of found is they either do too much or too little, so I started looking at libraries that I could make kind of modular.  I found PIXI.js, which is a very fast and useful rendering engine, but does quite a bit more than that.  I found this tutorial which was helpful to me, but maybe you are familiar with how the class system works, still useful though:


There's a great collision library called sat.js, and there's a sound engine that looks good called howler.js.

You could do it other ways, but it's a nice way to learn more about html5 rather than having someone do it all for you.


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Hey I am new into dev stuff too. I mingled around C, C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, and HTML. 


I dont know any of them  lol. I only did basic hello world stuff and basic math calculators and number guessing games in these languages.


OK so enough about that. 


So i decided a few days ago, im 25, i need to go to college and get a degree in what I want to be. Kddish i know. 


So i decided to stick with BS in Computer Science.


I wanna become a coder by heart and soul.


I love gamming but like 6052 ASM if you know what I mean. (NES EMUs)


So now I want to start making games at the same time I am learning a language.


You said you dont want C#. 


You have JS as your leverage


I downloaded and installed Unity 3D


It has 3 language scripting options. C#, Boo, and guess what??? JAVA SCRIPT


Thats not all. They have the greatest resource pages on their website




go there and check it out. they have reference for all 3 languages.


Whats better is that they have video tutorials on their site and youtube is filled with them.


I follow a couple of guys on youtube who are teaching me C# in Unity 3D


Take your time understanding the GUI. Its a lot easier to use than it looks


Also Dont just do what your are taught.


What I mean is this. this is exactly what I do,


To move a player do this and to show him running to the left flip the animation.


I said ok i got it. Then I paused the video and said, there has to be another way,


So instead of flipping the animation I made a new left animation. Then set it to where if the x axis was negative play this animation



So always challenge yourself. Master each part bit by bit.


I recommennd.


1- Learn to move left and right and jump and flip the character with code.


2- Then learn about Vectors


3- then collision detection - what can be walked on, what is a wall, ceiling, etc


4- Object destruction


5- Health system for your character


Also I recommend starting with 2D Games ( Left to Right Camera Angles)


Then move on to 3D


This information is all based on my noob experience and doesnt have to be taken to heart.




Also this is all based on Unity 3D ( my learning steps)


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