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Need advice on game design

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You can try the game by

  1. click the download as zip ad the right side
  2. and open prototype.html

I know this is a very plain game, no music, barely no art, what so ever 

and the map id dull too

This is due to me down scaling a few times over the year because it's very rare that I finish a game project

around 5 projects of mine have been discontinued whether it's a group project or private one ...


I have been a little bit busy with university paperwork in the last month so I stop coding games for that time



I am making this game multiplayer but before that I need to complete all the mechanics to reduce the complexity later on..



what should I improve ?

what feature should I add or removed ?



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I would agree to "the game is too slow"

The reload is 3 sec and isn't without reason

The reason is so that it's more of a stealth game rather than shoot everywhere so the enemy comes out...

But I will make it shorter or perhaps makes the player run faster or just both


An indicator of how far my shot goes:


A quicker change of the background color

I can change that ... 



a switch somewhere in the level to change the background color

This will turn into a waiting game, I just thought about it that way ...

I just really dislike campers sorry


As for the other items @Naveof and @Thaumaturge mention 

I could only agree to

  • the item that can splatter and change the background (granade)
  • An item or in-game object--perhaps fixed to certain points on the level--that allows the player to set or toggle their colour. ( a color pool )

Serveral Items that I am confused about

  • Teleporters ( how to to control the point where to teleport to
  • The platform appear and disappears depending on the background color. ( What happened during the transition ? And also I think this one is too advance for me but I really2 think that this is a great idea perhaps for later on )

Serveral items that I cannot add to the game



I only have "BTOOM" as a reference here so if I imagine that's the way someone will play with sonar I think it's too advance and also, it may sometimes be annoying when one is hiding and someone ping you ( I assume someone being ping-ed know he is now discovered ). 


A flashlight/darkness-thrower.

It really looks stupid if someone is hiding and turning on the flashlight or even asking for attention when not

but perhaps someone may mention why my statement is flawed


An item that entirely--but temporarily--blacks- or whites- out the level.

cannot really see the point of having this items, and the night day cycle will be quicker in the next version too

but I will perhaps add it in the future if there is a reason to




grappling hooks,

I think this require more skills than I have right now



it looks like cheating to me,

hey I found out where you are there, I shoot you but shoot You got a shield and you shoot back at me while I haven't finish reloading



haven't really got ideas rather than gun


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I forget to say thanks before, so thanks you for all the reply so far



Actually, thinking about this one, I'm not sure that it's a good idea: you want to encourage players to hide, from what I gather, but I'm concerned that quickening the day/night cycle might make hiding infeasible simply by virtue of making hiding spots disappear far too quickly.

I think you are right




For me, at least, I think that the sense of slowness came from the movement speed, not the firing-rate.

Ok, I have changed that and adding sprint ( activated by pressing shift ) to check things out, 



Hmm... Again, I'm not really a multiplayer gamer, but I'm not seeing why it would encourage camping, especially if the change is temporary; instead, it would act as a brief moment of "invisibility", or a means of briefly exposing the opposing player, both of which seem to me to have tactical value.


The problem is when you find the object or worst the lever to do this, you will just sit there and camp while other tries to activate it or so I thought it would be camping

but perhaps that's a good strategy too


About sonar

after thinking about it for a while, it seems to be not so bad of an idea 

but on the technical perspective I think it is a bit difficult to synchronize 

I don't know never really try making this kind of feature before

I will try ..


and thanks again for the reply,

a few more question if I may ask 


How large should the map be ( in pixel or in screen size ( e.g. 3 screen wide ) )  so it wouldn't be too large for 2 players to play not too small for 10 players to play?

Does the game feel jittery ?

( this is due to the fact the my laptop is 6 years 3 month old, with it's dual core T5750 and no GPU, it can run the game best around 15 FPS and on average 8FPS, it's ok for debugging but not really playable in my own laptop, so I cannot test the fluidity of the game )


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The problem is when you find the object or worst the lever to do this, you will just sit there and camp while other tries to activate it or so I thought it would be camping

I'm not sure that camping so would be a good idea: in a game that revolves around hiding, you're pretty much broadcasting your position. After all, if the lever keeps getting pulled, then there's a good chance that someone is standing near it.


However, you could always implement a cooldown for its use, or a set number of uses after which it becomes completely inactive.


I fear that I'm not in a good position to answer the other questions--sorry!


(Regarding level size, have you considered making the characters smaller? That would make hiding a little easier, and allow players to see a little more of the level around them, relative to their size.)


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As most of everything was pointed out, I'll say only this.

If I walk and jump right, and then click shift, I move faster. - What sick physic is this? :P


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