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Insanity! Endless space shooter... but only the beggining.

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This is the first game that I'vemade for myself in a long time. I've wanted to do this for months, but time and finances just never gave me the shot. Finally I found two weeks to spend twenty hours a day to give you Insanity! An endless space shooter that highlights some of the features I plan to use in an upcoming title.


In Insanity! You pilot your humble little ship through a narrow corridor of space that seems to be filled with every badguy and asteroid in the universe. As you hold out against the waves random rewards are spawned that will refill your missiles, repair your hull, and most importantly, give you research points to be used to buy upgrades. New upgrades turn your linear firing photons into super powerful hunter seekers or phasers into huge wave beams that vaporize enemies on site. New shields that recharge faster and repair crews don't hurt either.


The game only has one level right now and it is only on the android and amazon markets. Insanity! Is on its way to the Apple store, though. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding new levels, upgrades, ships, badguys and more content in general.


Like I said Insanity has been a great learning experience, but it's only the beginning.


Insanity! Is stage one for my dream to build a 2D spaceship adventure game. Imagine a Metroid style game but played out in a raggedy old starship that you repair, upgrade, and engineer into a powerful warship. Discover ancient alien ruins, explore the inards of an asteroid, and collect hidden relics on your way to wealth and power.


Yup, that's the game I want to turn Insanity into.


In conclussion, I hope a few of you will try Insanity! and know that every dollar earned will go towards improving this game aswell as the next project. If supporters(app purchasers that wish to be a part of this) would email me their contact info, I'll keep them up to date and select some for early releases and beta testing.




Google Play




Itunes- Next!




Website- Soon!




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Two new bosses and one new enemy have been added as well as new music.


Free Google Play copies are being distributed for alpha testing purposes. If you'd like a free version, message me!


Facebook page


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