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CMake (some random questions)

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TheComet    3896

Assume the following project tree for all of my questions:

??? another_library
?   ??? CMakeLists.txt
?   ??? include
?   ?   ??? another_library
?   ?       ??? another_library.hpp
?   ??? src
?       ??? another_library.cpp
??? app
?   ??? CMakeLists.txt
?   ??? include
?   ?   ??? app
?   ??? src
?       ??? main.cpp
??? CMakeLists.txt
??? library
    ??? CMakeLists.txt
    ??? include
    ?   ??? library
    ?       ??? library.hpp
    ??? src
        ??? library.cpp

Where app is an executable and depends on the shared object another_library and another_library depends on another shared object library.



Question 1


Since another_library needs to include header files from library, is it ok for another_library/CMakeLists.txt to include the directories by using the following?

include_directories ("${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/library/include")

It feels a little wrong to be assuming things about where the top library folder is placed. Moving it to another location (in a subdirectory somewhere for example) would mean having to edit another_library/CMakeLists.txt to include the new location of library.



Question 2


app is the executable, and I've seen a lot of people configure their executable directly in the top level CMakeLists.txt rather than doing it in app/CMakeListst.txt. What are the pros/cons of either technique?



Question 3


How and were do I install resource files (such as images, config files, etc.)?


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Sova    356
  1. You're the boss of your project directory structure! It is what you say it is, and therefore there are no assumptions made. If you insist on future-proofing, you can define a variable in the top-level CMakeLists.txt that would hold the include directory for library. Then use it in another_library CMakeList.txt.
  2. Do whatever makes the overall structure clearer to you. I have no opinion either way.
  3. On Linux: probaby under /usr/shared/app or /usr/local/shared/app. On Windows: in the installation directory. I haven't the foggiest about OSX.


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l0calh05t    1796
  1. Does another_library use library? You should consider using target_include_directories instead of include_directories
  2. I typically use a CMakeLists.txt for each target. This is advantageous should you at some point decide to make the projects individually buildable (I usually have a cmake_minimum_required() and project() in every target-CMakeLists)
  3. As Mnemotic said. OSX uses so called App Bundles afaik, which is similar to the windows solution, but packaged in a zip.

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