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Digital-Tutors (Photoshop)

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DeveloperXS    111


I decided to study Graphic design, expecially I'm keen on videogame so I want to became a Games graphic designer.

I found the website, it's full of interesting tutorials about graphic arts, I would like to have yours advice about which "learning path" I must absolutely study to improve my drawing skills in Photoshop (I used Photoshop for years, but I haven't got solid basis to draw everything in simply and rapid way).

I don't know if I explained clearly the situation.


Here there are some courses...




Someone can help me? rolleyes.gif



Ps: sorry for my English, I'm Italian biggrin.png

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Ashaman73    13715

Well, you first need to decide which art direction you want to learn (first). Just drawing ? Or concept art ? Pixel art ? Painting ? Traditional art ? Web design ? Your skills does not really depends on the tool (photoshop). That is, to learn drawing get a piece of paper and a pen wink.png


If you want to follow the more tradional way (drawing & painting) , then I would recommend to take a look at conceptart , a community dedicated to this art direction.

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riuthamus    8365

I used digital tutors exclusively for 3 years. In fact, still do today for some of the more obscure programs. I never had to use it for photoshop but they certainly do have some amazing tutorials for concept art and how to go about creating it.


My friend Ashaman hits the nail on the head though. You need to define what type of art style you are attempting to learn. They have many good tutorials but lack when it comes to old school styles. You would need to focus on other websites if your key is to learn pixel art. With that said, you could easily learn the basics to ANY art style by viewing some of their more board topics.


Lastly, if you mean draw as in line art? Than you will want to look at getting a pen pad or tablet. I worked on concept art for years with just a mouse and keyboard and I can tell you it is horrid when compared to how fast and easily can throw down art with my tablet. So... invest some time/money into getting one of those if your goal is to become a serious artist for concept/hand drawn art.

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