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David Jalbert

Looking for artist/ideas for PC game

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Hi guys! I'll start by introducing myself; I'm David Jalbert, I live in Quebec, Canada and I've been making Flash games since 2009 and hosting them on my website, 

I've wanted to make a PC game for a while now, either a top-down adventure like Zelda, a turn-based RPG like Dragon Quest, or an open world platformer like Metroid. The thing is, I'm running low on inspiration. I want to work on a project that feels fresh, original and novel, but I don't have any ideas. Also I'll need an artist and animator to do the art, of course. 

What I do know is that I want the game to be simple, like classic games from the SNES era. We would probably get lost eventually if the story is too complex and we'd have to drop the project, and I don't want that. Basically the game should focus on the gameplay. Old games like Zelda and Metroid are good examples of what I want; you get a basic story at the beginning of the game and you're let loose to explore, collect items and defeat monsters. 

The game would be developed for PC, Mac and Ouya, and maybe an Android port if the controls aren't too complicated. It would be sold for a fixed price, and we'd split the revenues. Also, I'd like to hire an artist that already has experience with game development and animation if possible, for obvious reasons. 

So if you're interested and have a great idea you want to pitch, contact me and we'll go from there! Alternatively, if you know where I could find help, I'd also be grateful to know. Thanks a lot guys!

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