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Getting ASSIMP Working/Building

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Phil123    1276

I've been trying to get ASSIMP working in my OpenGL4 project (Visual Studio 2013 as the IDE) and despite attempts at various methods it just doesn't want to cooperate.  The first method I tried was downloading the Windows binary files and setting it up the way I've set up numerous other libraries for use in my project .


This resulted in an odd error that would pop up when running the project that's attempting to use ASSIMP functions and data structures. .  Not only is assimp.exe on my computer, but the only files that should be required (to my knowledge...unless ASSIMP is different somehow) are the .dll, .h (and sometimes some implementation files), and .lib files (which I put into respectively into the bin, include, and lib folders referenced in that screenshot above).


Since that didn't work, I then tried to build it myself using CMake (as researching that issue didn't turn up enough relevant information to fix the error).  I downloaded the zip file that they have for use in CMake (again, via )  I've used CMake before so I thought this wouldn't be a problem but the build fails, so I went to their website and explicitly followed their instructions but the build still fails.  One thing of note is that they mention "Point it to the location of the assimp source code. The UI should now look like the screenshot above" but this doesn't occur for me. .  Regardless of what I do (I have even tried specifying those values myself), I end up with the same error .


The text error message seems to indicate a problem with their CMakeLists.txt file itself (CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:725 (INSTALL): install TARGETS given no ARCHIVE DESTINATION for static library target "assimp") though I'm not entirely sure.


Any suggestions?

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MJP    19754

You can't just set the path to assimp.dll in the ExcecutableDirectories if you want Windows to find the DLL. You either need to add it to your PATH environment variable (you can do that using "Environment" debugging option), or need to to just copy it to your project folder. Personally I like to use a post-build step to copy any dependent DLL's to my project folder.

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