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Our Third Retro RPG for PC - Data Hacker: Reboot Kickstarter

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Hello! For those of you who don't know, we've got a Kickstarter running to fund the development of the third Data Hacker game: Reboot! We got funded really quickly, and have now moved onto stretch goals to add additional content and improve upon some of the original design plan. [The Campaign Lives Here]




What's Data Hacker?

Why, I'm glad you asked. Put simply, Data Hacker seeks to explore the premise of there being 'virtual' worlds hidden away from view. Initiation started you down the path that sets events into motion (this was recently released on Steam) and takes place almost entirely within a simulated Online Game. Corruption, the second title in the series allows you to continue your chosen path; Protector of the 'Real' people and players of the Online Game, or general of the Virtual society tasked with protecting their fragile existence.


Reboot continues on from the previous two games' lore, but features an entirely new cast of characters. While the core focus is on the narrative, there is also a strong focus on the gameplay; particularly the combat. While we're utilising the traditional turn-based side-view battle system, we shake things up a little with intricately-designed monsters, 'Hacking' skills that often yield unpredictable results, and a highly customisable class-hybrid system that allows you to shape your dream team to fit your own play style.


Some Sample Screenshots:


1_zps203c49e2.jpg 2_zps8c11a37a.jpg




9_zpsc19c45b8.jpg 11_zpsc17898a7.jpg


The Campaign

We asked for £2,900, which would be distributed amongst Kickstarter's processing fee, backer rewards (we have a deluxe boxed edition that's shaping up very nicely), In-game character artwork (sprites and portraits) and the soundtrack. All of the writing, development and parallax mapping is done by myself (and I'm not taking anything from the KS campaign).


There is a wealth of information about the plot, main characters (and their individual back-stories) available over on the campaign, so please do check it out if you're interested in the project. Thank you for checking out this campaign; it's very flattering when people take an interest in your work.



Thanks for looking :)

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