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Game is currently most in "conceptual" phase, so it miss the goal and the GameOver... but mechanics should be easy enough to guess.
You're supposed to destroy the falling elements before they leave the "gray" area (a plane right over the power globe)... You've to use your finger, but you can't just destroy elements straight away (like Fruit Ninja).. you've to "grab" the power sliding (or stomping) on the power globe.. then drag your "burning finger" over your target.


I've drafted many other mechanics, but still don't know if I'll be capable to actually program them... so consider anything from here "mostly not actually doable for me" ... but I'll try anyway (conceptual only, not currently determined for the final product):

- Power globe isn't static... tilting your device you can swing it left and right. (actually done, but needs improvment)
- the purpose of swing power globe it's to dodge the burned stuff's scraps: because if something hit your globe, it become "deactivated" for about 2~5 seconds in which you're dangerously left un-powered against your enemies
- on the ground under the globe embers the source of different powers... so if at left there are ice power embers all you need is to tilt left and slide the globe onto it: once the globe is on [ice power embers] the ice power itself become activated
- wood piece are destroyed by fire power while you need ice power to destroy [put fire/hot/lava stuff here]... but some objects need a different combination of power in order to be destroyed... like falling crystal stalactite. Crystal stalactite can be destroyed after many hits with fire OR ice... but if you COMBINE two hits with both fire and ice within short time... you can destroy it in just two shoot!

Review and download [url=,15.0.html]Slidesomp[/url]

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