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Unreal 4: c++ vs blueprints

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So is there any real difference between using c++ and blueprints in unreal 4?


I have searched post using Google and it seems the largest difference is speed, yet there are large variances on how much faster, and no solid prove.

With my own test I made large looping functions using both, and found no significant drop in frames.


The c++ tutorials for unreal seemed focus on creating blueprint functions, that can be made within the blueprint editor.

My own tests proved that I could add small features that the blueprint couldn't, like making a Actor input for a material.

Assigning a material before a mesh caused visual studio to break, this makes blueprints seem safer, because then there is no way to have a material input without a mesh.


Is there any unique functions that can only be made with c++, or is there any thing that c++ is more efficient at than the blueprints, besides speed?

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 Blueprints are fine for relatively simple things. I've seen some attempts to implement complex logic in Blueprints, it looked a giant pile of spaghetti. 

But if you can do it with Blueprints, you might as well start with that.


Also Epic has a forum for discussion of UE4, you would probably get more information there.

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