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Copy/paste fail

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...what kind of function declaration syntax is that though? o_O

Isn't that Objective-C?



Yes, it is Objective-C.  I originally mentioned that, but my browser crashed in the middle of editing, so I had to rewrite and forgot to mention that again.

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Proof that I know nothing about Objective C >.<


Lol, my little mistake taught me something new about Obj-C too biggrin.png  I know those things are resolved at runtime, and that opens for a lot of weirds stuff, but I didn't know that the definition would override the implementation.


Edit: And it was hard to start with Objective C with a C/C++ background.  If you don't come up with good names, things may look  like this:

- (void)myMethod:(NSString)theString withSomething:(NSInteger)withSomething {

Calling this thing:

[self myMethod:@"weird" withSomething:42];

Yes, it is weird, and it still feels weird and unnatural even after 2-3 years of Obj-C-ing...  And you are sending messages, not calling methods.  That is a whole world of difference, since sending messages means that everything is determined at run time.  Calling methods are determined at compile time.

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