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Jamie Jarrett

Typing Simulator 2014

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Yes. We actually made Typing Simulator 2014. Me and my good friend Jamie Jarrett have worked on this game and have completed it and published it within 24 hours. The game was of course developed in Love2D and was a fun little experiment to make. If it gets good feedback, we will carry on and further develop our project and exceed our original expectations, which we so far haven't.
Coded by Maxim Deprez & Jamie Jarrett
Graphics by Maxim Deprez & Jamie Jarrett
Sound by Jamie Jarrett
Website by Jamie Jarrett




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I have a bug to report (I think):

Non alphabetical characters (like " and ;) are not counted towards the limit of characters, so they can go off the edge of the screen. At first I was hoping that when they did so I would win the level and get to another level, but, I didn't see that happen.

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