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Problem with file path

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So i'm trying to load multiple files from a directory with for loop but i keep getting access violation and very strange path string.

Here is what i get in my path variable:


and here is the code used to make that variable:

Animation::Animation(std::string name, int framecount)
    char path[MAX_PATH];
    char *ext = ".bmp";
    frames = new SDL_Surface*[framecount];
    for (int k = 0; k < framecount; k++) {
        frames[k] = NULL;

        sprintf(path, "data/%s/f%i%s", name, k, ext);
        SDL_Surface *img = load_image(path);
        memset(&path[0], 0, sizeof(path)); // Clear tmp

    maxFrames = framecount;
    currentFrame = 0;

I'm sure i'm doing something wrong with the char array but i just cant see it.

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