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Why to Lock the primary surface fail in this way

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		HDC hDc;
		IDirectDraw7* pDDraw;
		DDSURFACEDESC2 dDrawSurfDesc={0};
		DDSCAPS2 ddscaps = {0};

		hr = DirectDrawCreateEx(NULL, (LPVOID*)&pDDraw, IID_IDirectDraw7, NULL);
		//hr = pDDraw->SetDisplayMode(100, 100, 24, 0, 0);
		RECT rc;
		GetWindowRect(hWnd, &rc);
		SetWindowPos(hWnd, 0, rc.left, rc.top, rc.left+200, rc.top+200, 0);
		dDrawSurfDesc.dwSize = sizeof(dDrawSurfDesc);
		dDrawSurfDesc.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS;
		dDrawSurfDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps =  DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE;
		hr = pDDraw->CreateSurface(&dDrawSurfDesc, &pDDrawSurf, NULL); 
		hr = pDDrawSurf->Lock(NULL, &dDrawSurfDesc, DDLOCK_SURFACEMEMORYPTR, NULL);

An error occurs at the last line. the error code is "0x887601b3 ". I don't know how to fix it 


How to lock the primary surface? 

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HRESULT: 0x887601b3 (2289435059)
Description: Access to this surface is being refused because no driver exists which can supply a pointer to the surface. This is most likely to happen when attempting to lock the primary surface when no DCI provider is present. Will also happen on attempts to lock an optimized surface.
Severity code: Failed
Facility Code: FACILITY_D3D (2166)
Error Code: 0x01b3 (435)


I believe that you can't effectively lock the primary surface on modern drivers and Windows versions.


A workaround is to create a secondary frame buffer (or a back buffer), lock and manipulate it, and copy or flip it to the front buffer.

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