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Kingdoms of Arborea - Looking for 3D Modeller & Animator [Profit Share + Deliverable Bonus]

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Hello everyone!

My name is Gabe, I've been working on Kingdoms of Arborea, an Online Tactical Turn Based game for the past two months. Kingdoms of Arborea (KoA) is essentially a crossbreed between a Tactical Turn Based RPG (Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Arena Online) and a Kingdom Management Game (Kings of Chaos). These combined elements allow the player to enjoy a very strategic battle system coupled with an engaging meta game.

"How does that work exactly?"

The player represents a "Kingdom" in the vast world of Arborea. As the leader of a kingdom, the player chooses how to manage his/her resources, what to focus on expanding/producing next. The player can construct buildings which give certain perks, or send explorers on expeditions to find new resources, valuables, and even new troops. Troops are stored in a barracks. The player can choose twelve troops from his/her barracks to form his army. This army can be placed in any formation that the player chooses. If/When the player chooses to raid someone's kingdom the two armies go into a tactical-RPG battle mode. The victor marches off with pillaged loot and a boosted ego.

While there are a bunch of other features I have in the back of my mind the above is the core basics of the game.

"Nice idea! But how much do you have done so far?"

Ideas are indeed a dime a dozen. So far, I have completed the login system, a basic user lobby, a match making system, and a prototype of the battle mode. Below is some screenshots:


"Neat! So what are you looking for?"

I can pretty much do 100% of the programming, and I have a friend of mine who is willing to do the concept art. What I am currently looking for is a 3D Artist/Animator who can create custom character models based off of concept art provided or come up with his/her own character ideas. Payment will be in the form of profit sharing and a small deliverable bonus when artwork is complete. If you are interested, feel free to reply to this thread or contact me via PM!

Thank you!

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