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another sfx related question

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hmm.. how to put this now... When you listen to a musical piece or a studio-recorded sound, you can hear it in stereo, equally divided so that it would sound the same in both channels, giving it a more acoustic effect. If I wanted to produce a similar effect digitally on my PC, using a mono stream (a wav file, for instance), would I have to have specialized hardware for that or is there a simple way to push the excact same stream into both stereo channels? Normally the two channels would be blended together giving back an amplified mono effect (erm... right?). Does DX8 allow for such an "enhancement"? Keep cool!

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I believe what you are trying to do is technically called a DSP effect. I am no sound specialist so I might well be talking out of my arse *g* But try researching into writing DirectSound DSP modules or whatever...

I believe that what you have to do is take the mono stream, play one channel in mono then in the other channel you should play the same sound but apply a slight latency of a fraction of a second to the sound so it is played just after the other sound (So you''ll need a buffer to store the sound data). This is how you create the illusion of stereo sound.

Just do some research - some research into basic sound engineering would probably do ya

Oh yeah I just thought. Have you heard of XMMS? It''s the Linux equivalent of WinAmp. XMMS (Like all Linux projects) is open source -AND- it just so happens to come with a plugin (Also open source) which does exactly what you want! Check out www.xmms.org

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