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Abhishek Tamta

Which framework is best for 2D and 3D Android Gaming Applications using Java?

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Abhishek Tamta    102
I am developing an Gaming Application in Android want to use Game Framework in this Application. But not getting which Game Framework should I use or which is the best Framework for Android Game App.
I have done R&D on various Frameworks such that
1. Unity framework. For 2d and 3d games in android it is good? It is cross platform development. One code in c or c++. And it will support android, blackberry, iPhone.
2. Unreal Engine Framework etc..
My question is I am not good in C or C++, I want to use Java in my Gaming App so which Framework should I use which support 2D and 3D games in Android using Java? Please suggest the best one.
Thanks in advance.

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DiegoSLTS    2113

Unity is a good framework, you can do any type of game and the cross platform works really well. Also, there are lots of tutorials and since a lot of people is using it is easy to find information and help.


Only note that you can't use C or C++ in Unity, the language choices are C#, UnityScript and Boo, with C# being the most similar to C (but with big differences) and really similar to Java. UnityScript is similar to JavaScript and Boo to Python.


I've never used Unreal Engine, but I think you have to use C/C++ and I'm not sure if it's cross platform.


For a framework that uses Java you can look at jMonkeyEngine. I don't know if it's the best, I've never used it, but it's pretty popular.

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Avalander    2412

I'd recommend LibGDX. It is a Java framework for developing games and allows you to build an Android application, and, as an extra bonus, you can build Desktop, HTML5 and iOS versions of your game with the same source code. I know it has 3D capabilities, but I've never used it for a 3D project. For 2D it's very nice, though.

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