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Meba-Wars mulltiplayer RTS

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I would like to share the game with you I've been working on for the past 2 years:


You can play the open alpha at: www.mebawars.com

About: Mebas are small amorphous monsters, that players can multiply and morph into combat units of their own design.
Gameplay: It is a fast paced browser based Multiplayer RTS game, where players can join into ongoing matches, build & command huge armies and enjoy epic fights against others.
Some unique features:
- no set 'factions' but players can design their own units ( over 600 units combinations in the alpha )
- you can join & leave games at any time 
- Browser based, no install required
- gorgeous topdown 2D hand drawn graphics
- Multiplayer real-time Strategy, with thousands of units
The game is in a very late alpha stage (70%+ complete), and already has a pretty fun gameplay so I felt it is time to present it to a larger audience.

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the media tag seems to be broken? my youtube trailer wont show... or maybe it is disabled for noobs like me ?:) I promise its not spam!


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MebaWars Alpha V 0.61 out!



1. decreased Angel shooting range by 20% ( from 25 to 20 ), and splash damage from 6 to 5.
- this gives more space for other players to navigate around Angels
2. Kept the distance that 'disables' a spawn point at 25 however, to reduce the incidence of spawn frags
3. Reduced Angel's life by 30% so that it dies quicker. (new players had it for too long, potentially blocking other players from areas )
4. Added an additional faint ring to display potential splash damage radious when hovering over Angels/Catapults

1. Doubled the total number of Metal deposits per map as compared to Sugar to reflect their relative use
2. Removed the 'Build Mechanic' requirement for Sugar
- now it works the same way as the Metal, simply move the Mega near a Sugar and wait!
3. Updated AI player behaviour to accommodate this


1. Start pack removed once player dies to prevent resource crowding
2. Fixed PopCap bug for players - new popcap limit for Owners 1200
3. Nerfed Mini Tanks: decreased their armour from 300 to 200 thereby tipping the balance in favour of Stabbers (see video )
4. upon new player registration, Lobby chat didn't work after leaving the Tutorial map
5. Updated Tutorial Descriptions to reflect the above changes ( including Population cap )

Changes coming up next:

1. New Game mode: DeathMatch! (prototype)
2. All morphed mebas start with the 'Factory Turret' ability!
- you will no longer need to sacrifice a Mega just to make Minis, you will be able to produce them from any morphed Mega

Stay tuned, to get updates follow me on Twitter or on my Blog
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MebaWars Alpha V 0.63 out!


I NEW GAME MODE: DeathMatch Arena

- Worlds without Fortress / Control Points ( Universe was reset to add these worlds)





1. Life extension:

- Blue Dots give an extra 'life' of 3 minutes

- these are dropped on the map periodically, and each time a Mega dies ( including your own )

- this means that if you are actively playing on a map you may no longer 'expire' as long as you keep playing!


2. Factory Turret:

- All Morphed Megas now have the ability to breed Minis ( but this is turned off by default )

- AI update to reflect this




- added a section about the enemy AI and the Neutral base in the tutorials

- added quantified data about each ability in the 'Morph' window and MiniMeba dialog

- added tutorial about 'blue dots'

- bottom toolbar is visible by default for the Tutorial map




- fixed AI sometimes getting stuck

- fixed bug that caused the Healer Turret to crash the server upon removing Viri from infected mebas

- fixed rare bug causing server crashes upon player entry

- fixed very rare bug causing crash when giving commands to units too quickly

- fixed start Metal Count for each world

- fixed the issue that sometimes Player Start positions would be right next next to each other resulting in spawnkill




- Temp Soundtrack, Graphical Enhancements, including Hi-res background, unit graphic enhancements, smoother animations and more!



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MebaWars Alpha V 0.635 out!



- Full resolution game background (used to be 1/4th downsampled for performance reasons )

- High-detail, darker procedurally generated grassland with a cooler hue ( to pop units off the background )




- fixed Rally point bug for Megas that have more than 1 unit producing capabilities ( it used to ignore rally point for the secondary units )

- restricted zoom to be 1.0 and default to 0.8




- unit graphic enhancements(make walls semleass + more detailed turrets ), smoother animations,  Temp Soundtrack and more!




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