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I recently started a procedural story generation tutorial

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The title says it all. After some large feedback on the unreal engine 4 forums, I decided to create a series of tutorials showing my studio's implementation of a StoryBricks-esk system for our open world RPG game. 


To my knowledge, our approach is very different compared to emergent AI systems. We tried to stay more modular, which in turn allowed for easier computational resource management. 


Before you ask, I'm not allowed to share videos of the final system, nor give away "too" much information.


But what I am allowed to share is a series of videos made for the novice AI programmer, who wishes to implement such a system. 

I'll post every video here. It will always be edited into the top post, including the status on when the next video will be available. 


SECTION ONE: (Goals and Necessities)

VIDEO ONE: (Introduction)







Incase anyone wants to see the UE4 thread:







Edit: Had a brainfart, accidentally referred to storybricks as storyboard :/

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Um..... I think I found a bug on the forums system. The link I keep on pasting directs me to an older link that was there, and not the updated version. Any help? Am I doing something wrong?

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