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Jax Cavalera

Adaptive Music [Music Assets for Games]

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So I have just started the Kickstarter for Adaptive Music which is a collection of Themed Music Packs that cover a variety of genres sharing a common melody.
To better explain it I put together a video :


There is a lot of information about it on the actual Kickstarter Page as well which can be found :

Essentially I have been wanting to put together this package for a very long time but getting the funds to afford the equipment to create it has been a real struggle.  Ultimately I would love to get the chance to pump out the maximum number of music packages (1200) unique sound files as this would mean everyone that supports my crazy endeavor would be getting a lot of stuff for a really cheap contribution.


Thanks heaps for taking the time to look at what I'm up to and I hope that I can become a nice fit within this community as I continue on with future projects as well.

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