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Tori Young

A student who is stuck at the moment

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Hello everywhere, I'm glad I found a website where it can help people get into gaming industries.


So my story is that I'm a 23 year old college student who is attending a university who is hoping to graduate next year. I've always wanted to become a game designer when I was young and I don't know what part of the team I want to work on until I was in High School where I wanted to do Animation and Artwork. Although I am pretty good using computers however when it comes to programming I fail miserably since Its hard to run a program where you have to be constantly careful of what you type and where to put the semi-colons. My parents always pressure me to do some coding even though despite me taking programming classes I've still have a hard time getting the hang of this. So pretty much I want to do 3D animation as well as drawing with a little bit of computer work. I've been trying to look for internships in my city but there is no catch unless I get out of town.


However despite me drawing everyday I have a hard time drawing environments, creatures, as well as vehicles and weapons and the only thing I can draw is humans. I know that I need to practice those but it can be hard without using references and even with those references its still hard to figure out the layout. And of course I really need someone to criticize my work since its hard to find art critics these days believe it or not and you really can't find people on Deviantart to help you out. 


Lastly, I have a hard time networking with people for some reason. I'm a very shy person and its hard to talk to people and I don't know which sites is the best to connect with people. I know that in order to be in the business you have to stand on your ground and get out of that bubble, but I just need some directions to be where I want to be otherwise my dreams will be crushed since I have nobody to guide me on improving myself and without connections from people my chances of being in the game industry is a million to none.


Well there you go, I'm just a person who really needs to start working on herself but I need to know where to go in order for this to work.

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Thank you guys so much for your advices! I'm thinking about signing up up for these forums and atm I'm signing up for the gamer guilds at my school in order to add stuff for my resume and do some networking.


I rather be an artist/animator over being a programmer since I'm not well focuses as others lol. 

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