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Getting data from a numpy array to c++

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Ok, I got another problem. I have a .npy file containing a numpy array[52][52][52][52].

I need the data from that array in my c++ application.

What is the easiest way to get that?


I found

but I'm unable to make it and keep getting errors..


Isn't there a way to simply save the array from within python to another file format? When I use

array = numpy.load("myfile.npy")
savetxt(array, "result.txt")

I get an error, I believe because the format it's loaded to doesn't work with the savetxt function?


Thanks in advance.



Ok, got it solved. I loaded the 4dimensional numpy array, save it to a 1dimensional, by iterating over it, saved that to a .txt and then loaded that in c++ and stored the info back in an array.

Thanks anyway!

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