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[Android] Blocus - A lot of particles that have a real physic

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Hi all !

I'm back once again to present you my latest game, an Arkanoid-like game, called Blocus



It's available on the store at :

Here is what it looks like :





What is worth noting in this game and that you can't get from the screenshots / vid :

- An endless game with a constantly increasing difficulty
- The paddle is divided in three part (left, that send the ball to the left, middle and right). When a ball hits the paddle, it becomes warmer. If you can get it warm enough, the paddle will shoot very powerful projectiles.
- You can upgrade your paddle (It improves the projectiles)
- When you clear a column, the ball becomes more powerful and quicker
- The particles will collided with the paddle or the walls

I hope you'll enjoy it smile.png

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Hi all ! There has been an update introducing procedurally generated levels with a coherent pattern :) You can see some examples here :

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Hi all ! 
I've updated Blocus, it's a small modification on the sprites but it really makes the game a lot easier to understand
Few examples :
And.. The trailer is already outdated :/

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Hi guys ! There is a new update !
Here is what's new :
There are less particles, but honestly, it isn't visible on the screen. And the particles will adapt more aggressively to the number of fps
Better graphics
The colors are reordered, it should be easier to understand.
The blocs have the number of hp on them.
The pieces of blocks emit some light when they explode.
Easier to read
Less particles, and when there are a lot of explosions, the pieces of blocs when pop out a lot faster to clear the screen.
The paddle takes into account the angle of the ball

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Oy ! 
So, the new update is online, a frankly, it's awesome ! biggrin.png
I've fixed a few bugs, but the main focus was on graphics, here is what it looks like : 
So, I've made new sprites for the blocs and ball. There are also animations that you can't see on the screenshot :
- The balls emits lightnings
- The blocks have a "sweeping" effect on them.
- When a blocks gets it and it's not destroy, the tiles flip before displaying the new color
I hope I'll enjoy it, I'm really proud of this one smile.png

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Hello ! 
So, the last update has been published today ! With :
- A lot of new levels, I abandoned all the "procedural" thingy for the levels. I've added a selection menu, I've still have a work to do on this one, but it's better than nothing.
- The ball is bigger et the sprite has changed. In fact that's the same sprite used 3 times with different colors and a rotation clock wise or conter clock wise. It looks good and it's easier to see the ball even with a ton of particles ! We're getting close to a solution on that !! :)
- And, the collider of the ball is now a circle, not a point.
- The paddle emits some particles. And as we all know, the more particles the better :D
Just to remind you, the game is available here :

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New update online, not much honestly, but a very important update for the endless mode !
- The number of blocks in a column has been largely improved, it was too easy and boring before ;)
- There are particles around the paddle
- When the ball hits something, there are a lot more particles emitted and lightning
An example : 558348capture.gif

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Hi guys !
It's been awhile, in this new version, I've worked once again on improving the visibility of the ball in the normal mode. The particles are now emitted with a random offset.
I've replaced xp by diamonds, it doesn't change much but apparently it's easier to understand. And yes there are more of them :p
box2D, libGDX and other libraries have been updated.
and finally the collisions are improved :)

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