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HELP - What language should I write my In-Browser game in ?

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So, here's my problem... I have to write a game for children for my Comp4 project but I don't know what language to use.


A few of my specifications are: 


It must be In-Browser

It must be a complex language, but not too complex that I cannot learn it quickly.

It must be able to store scores 

It must be secure


Thanks in advance, 


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How about you start by figuring out what the requirements are for your game and using a technology that fits the needs of those requirements?

So far all I see is a need for html and maybe a bit of javascript but the implication is that you are asking for something more?

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I'd look into PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. you can store the scores and users in a MYSQL database. it sounds like a lot of languages to learn, but they are really easy. I wouldn't consider HTML and CSS really programming languages. You'd only need to know a little about them anyway to make your game, and probably not even CSS if you don't want


HTML to hold the website together

CSS for the design and layout of the site

JavaScript for the actual game (Client side, A.K.A. users browser)

PHP to access the database and do all server side processing

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