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Cooperative pathfinding while the map is composed of polys?

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In a regular map generated by recast, it looks very irregular unlike the maps used
in WHCA* that the map is composed of rectangular tiles. Therefore, how would I
implement cooperative pathfinding in this case? Let's say a poly a reserved,

if the poly is very long, it somehow will block the way of other pathfinding agents...

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I wanted to comment on this ages ago, but I was travelling. I have read a bit about the algorithm, although I don't remember it all. It wasn't originally created for a navmesh, there may be some variant by now. In general I have a few suggestions:

  • Set limitations on how the navmesh is created, e.g. max length, max length to width ratio. If the navmesh is created externally maybe subdivide existing cells.
  • Detect choke points and only apply WHCA to those areas.
  • Do time-slice reservation on a different basis than the navmesh, e.g. base it on a grid, or a further subdivision of the navmesh.

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