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Hi everybody!


I’m new of this forum and thank you in advance for each reply.


I’m developing a online RPG game (like Blood Brothers or Rage of Bahamut), 

my server side is developed by Google App Engine with Python but now I have a problem.


Now I would like to add chat but with GAE could be very expensive(too many write, too many read), 

Does anyone knows cheap service to add chat?



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If you're already relying on Google, how about creating a Google hang-out and joining the user to that?

If you want to control chat yourself, you can spin up an existing chat server (such as ejabberd) on a cloud or VPS host like linode or Amazon ECC or or whatever, and use XMPP for the chat. This will scale to many thousands of simultaneous chatters; it will not scale to many tens of thousands of simultaneous chatters.

Building your own is possible (and necessary once you get into the hundreds-of-thousands of users category) and is a challenging task. I ended up using Erlang to do it a while back; that worked out OK but I'm not sure we really saved a lot compared to a plain C/C++ solution in the end.

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