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How to define functions that return script object types?

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I'm trying to expose my application interface to angelscript using class wrappers. I'm doing so to allow further inheritance in script sources. Basically what I'm doing is this:


First, I'm registering a C++ class, say 'MyObject', as 'NativeMyObject'.


Then, I add a script section to my global module:

class MyObject : NativeMyObject
... // wrap all the methods and stuff of the 'real' MyObject.

Right after that I build the module.


What I want to do next is registering a global function that returns a MyObject (not NativeMyObject!). This however seems to be impossible due to MyObject no being know to the global namespace.


Is there any way to get around this issue? I guess the idea of having derivable script classes from native C++ classes may be very common and I'm just doing something wrong here.


Any help ist greatly appreciated!



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