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Converting a 32bit bitmap to 24 or 16 bit?

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I have a 32 bit tga file that i need to convert to a custom format. What i normally do is convert the tga to a bmp and then convert the bmp to this custom format. However I cant convert a 32 bit bmp to this format so I need to convert it to a diferent bit depth and then convert it to the format i want. Can anyone help me to either convert the 32 bit tga to a 16 bit or 24 bit bmp or convert a 32 bit bmp to a 16 or 24 bit bmp? If anyone can help i would be very thankful. Cheers

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ok ive found out a little bit about this. I can convert 32 bit bmp to 24 bit bmp by losing the alpha channel for each pixel. So if i go through the images pixel by pixel i can store the pixel in a DWORD (right?) and then extract the rgb bits. But how can i extract the rgb bits from the dword and where do i store them (because there isnt any type that is 3 bytes in size).

And also how do I find out if the 32 bit bmp is in AGRB or RGBA or whatever else it can be?

Anyway I hope someone can help me

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first of all, it''s easiest when you work with bytes while converting 32 to 24bit image, what you do is:
1.read 3 bytes for RGB value from 32bit image (skip the A value)
2.save 3 bytes into the 24bit bitmap (don''t skip any bytes)

and when you convert 32->16bpp image(16bit 565 RGB image) it''s best when you use WORD for the 16bit image.
16bit 565 RGB image is build like this (in bits)
and you convert 32->16 like this:
1.read B value from 32bpp bitmap
2.do 16bitvalue=(b>>3) (00000000000BBBBB)
3.read G value from 32bpp bitmap
4.do 16bitvalue+=((g>>2)<<5) (00000GGGGGGBBBBB)
5.read R value from 32bpp bitmap
6.16bitvalue+=((r>>3)<<11) (RRRRRGGGGGGBBBBB)

of course skip A value from the 32bit image.

<< and >> means bit shifting, check your C book on that if you don''t know them yet.

As you can see it''s pretty straightforward. Just a bit of throwing bits around. Of course those methods aren''t very fast, but if you don''t do it in real-time they are surelly fast enought.
Hope it helps

With best regards,
Mirek Czerwiñski

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