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What field is 'making computers play games designed for humans'

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I am a big fan of chess, and more specifically computer chess. I love firing up deep shredder and 2 of my favorite engines and watching them go at it at... but anyway


I would like to learn more about using computers to "use software designed for humans". What field is this? I think maybe A.I, but then again isn't A.I for entities In a game, I think this is maybe a more encompassing field.. neural networks? Are there any suggested resources for learning about this, focused on making computers play video games designed for humans? And not just for computer chess, which can have an A.I opponent anyway, but for single-player games whereby the computer takes over the character that the human is meant to play like this:



I am quite new to c++ but aiming to make a very simple vertical scrolling shooter inspired by raptor: call of the shadows


I would then like to program a computer to play as the aeroplane, but playing obviously much better than a human due the the computers superhuman calculation abilities and precision. I am wondering how this can be done two ways:


1. With the source code (since I will make the game I will have it)
2. Without the source code. Is it even possible to make a computer play it if you dont have the source code?



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That's AI, AI stands for Artificial Inteligence and that's what you want, it's not writen anywhere that it should be used for in-game entities only.


Neural networks is not a field that includes AI, it's in fact the other way, neural networks is one mechanism that AI studies.


For the last 2 questions:


1 - This is really tied to how you write your code, but making a computer play the game using the code is like making any other CPU controlled character. Anything you can find about making AI for enemies and NPC's will help you with this. Look at puzzle games with a "Vs CPU" mode (like Tetris), in most of them you can play against an opponent controlled by the CPU. In those games the AI for the opponent is for an in-game entity but the opponent is doing what the player does, plays the game.

2 - You'll need another program that scans the game's window, process the image to know what is each thing in the screen (since you have the code and the resources this could be easier than making the same for third party game, but it's a hard thing to do anyway), makes a decision in some way for the next move and sends the input to the game like keys pressed and released.

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