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Are there any easy to use graphics api's out there?

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I''m just looking for 2d graphics. No fancy 3d stuff needed here. I''m wondering if there are any api''s out there with such simple functions as: setResolution(res, colorDepth); loadPic(fileName, fileHandle); drawPic(pointerToPic, screenX, screenY); etc etc. Basically a really simple graphics API that can still do all the rudimentary things. It''d also be nice if it was relatively easy to set up and use. I''ve tried using DirectX and OpenGL, but they''re both extreme overkill for what I want to do. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks! Nothin'''' proper about your propaganda.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

Hey, if you have GOOD docs, directX (DX version 7 and below. DX8 is only 3D)
is definately that what you''re looking for.
Displaying BMPs is a snap, and even with 2..3 years old graphics boards
it''s damn fast, even if you draw 100 of them (depending on size, of course :-).
for DDraw is hardware accelerated, if hw supports it.

Yes, if you only have the SDK and its help file, it''s likely you won''t understand
a thing.

Take a look at "www.xgames3d.com", click "tech X files",
and look for "Direct Xtasy". It''s an easy to understand doc by
Andre'' LaMothe, THE game-programming teacher for beginners.

Well, don''t ask why you have to initialize a struct here or there,
and set some values. It''s M$-ware, you don''t need to understand
why, they make everything more complicated than it needs to be,
I know , but (in this case, normally I won''t suggest that!!) why understand,
be happy if it works :-)

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I forgot something!

I remember, that many DDraw tutorials start with all that enumerating stuff,
I mean count the available graphics devices, their capabilities, and supported
modes. (I think D Xtasy doesn''t !)


There''s no need to do that, if you chose a resolution like 640x480x16bpp
This one is supported by almost every graphics board, even if it''s several
years old (if you stole your graphics board out of a museum, it may not ;-)
(I think this is with 800x600x16, too. Hope that''s enough for you)
You can directly choose the resolution and bpp, take a look at
the Direct Xtasy code (at www.xgames3d.com).

For creation of the DirectDraw interface just pass NULL as "GUID",
and DD will return an interface to the default graphics device, no enumerating

Many old DX games do that (I think warcraftII, c&c: red alert, ...)

Hope I could convince you to try again DX.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
>tried to install allegro
do not give up to early!


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Best one I''ve ever used is CDX. I''ve worked on the team to create that for the last 5 years or so and we are really proud of it. We just recently released version 3.1. Go to http://www.cdxlib.com and check it out.

Always remember, you''''re unique. Just like everyone else.

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