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Shallow Space (a 3D RTS for PC)

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Hey everyone,


I've always been a programmer, ever since I was 8 years old and discovered DOS was bundled with QBASIC and from there my attention shifted from playing games to making them. My career and life took me in a different direction but I'd always come back and have a pop at games creation with a number of different tools. Recently I completed a number of software development modules for my degree and I came across Unity and that was it for me; Sold.


So the best game I ever played was Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, some time ago they started a Kickstarter for a sequel but it fell through and with seemingly nothing on the horizon I set to work at making a prototype. I didn't want just another RTS so I paid particular attention to the different classes of ship, how they moved and their arnaments with particular attention paid to turrets and arcs of fire. I wanted physics and detail modelled to the finest degree possible with current hardware and I essentially wanted to achieve something as close to a TV movie space battle as possible, you might be chuckling by now I know I was laughing at myself but I stuck with it.


I'm glad I did because I've shocked myself with the result, Shallow Space is nearing the end of the prototype stage, I've proved to myself it can be done to sufficient scale - now i'm moving it towards the concept and crowdfunding. In the meantime I'm starting to assemble a following, building backstory and I blog like the worlds about to end.


You can find out more here:





and here's the latest vid:


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