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MMO Tactical All Aspect Military Sim (ArmA meets Star Citizen)

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Here to exorcise this from my mind, have read the warning posts on MMO's etc, so it really is just theoretical, but will pose a single question in the direction of making it possibly feasible towards the end. 


Is there a possibility for an ArmA/take-your-pick-full-sim-game, MMO where like in "Star Citizen" you buy into one ship, in this case "faction of a military's vehicle", yet inserted on a global scale terrain wise, using perhaps the "Outerra" engine. www.outerra.com


Want to be a tank? Buy the tank you want, get a crew. Aircraft? The plane and co-pilot(s) and so on and so on. All made for the game at sim/close to sim level by an independent (vetted) mini development team and put in to the game world, a bit like how Star Citizen held a competition with small development teams to build starships for their game that people would buy individually, at a full game price, yet only the ship (vehicle here) they chose would be available. Here it would basically be like a modding team getting to make a creation an actual part of the game world, and rewarded financially by its downloaded purchases. Perhaps soldiers and players are free, and only very high level weaponry they use would cost anything.


The scale problem? Mining.


Have varying resources, minerals, that can buy fuel etc, that can be hunted with special vehicles, and appear only in certain parts of the world. A person would build a base much like they do in ArmA and begin mining. The game world in Outerra is 1:1 that of Earth, IE actual scale, so in order to allow people to interact and battle- perhaps depending on the base's scale, it will make a "radio signiature noise" that allows it to be honed in on, perhaps by patrolling AWACS.


Going back a little, I used to see people building Simpits on youtube, and others that ran flight sims just for the fun of flying a plane realistically from one point to another, nevermind combat. I understand this is a niche area in gaming, but wondered if it was one that could be developed? 


I had this idea before DayZ, but you know the feeling you get when you play, like you're immersed in the world, and scavenging with what you have and making fluid decisions. This is similar, but on a more persistent level, and each vehicle meticulously modelled. You can buy the sim you want, but put it into a world with consequences. Not an inert AI filled poorly detailed space that will disappear when done.


All aspect. Smaller vehicles like trucks, APC's can be bought cheaply as a pack, perhaps AI can be assigned, but there's your micro transaction in these smaller but vastly important vehicles, you'd be encouraged to be a team, part of a "corporation" like in EVE Online, to allow armies to be coordinated. Perhaps in a 1950's - 1960's time frame, so weaponry isn't too overpowered.    


Here's one other dangerous and soon-to-be demolished thought- low end gambling eventually, in certain areas of the game, once exploitation is addressed? A financial risk to the success of an endeavour/flight/patrol/attack/exploration, or destruction of your own vehicle/base, but balanced. So if staking a higher risk, thus is gained a higher reward but a balance between what the destroyed enemy's stake is reached. Never above a certain amount, depending on what type of vehicle/base/whatever is destroyed so as to only create a real risk to the experience, not a detrimental habbit. 


Lastly in regards to a direction of this somehow becoming fact, is Kickstarter a feasible tool that could make an idea like this a reality? If I made a video featuring gameplay in differing sim games and their aspects, trying to conjour a picture of what the end result would be, be a way to offer a vote to the mere possibility, for then a team to be created from it?


I've posed this idea from a typically uninitiated standpoint, another individual with no history, but hoping to find inspiration from others, in no way would I be the lead, this is a batton to be passed, if it was every anything. 



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A thread with 2 (technically 1) reply, having about 1'100 views, mean it's something people were hoping to see sitting with a green light, meaning a lot of interest in at least the theory?

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