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Daedalus Lib (2)

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My 2nd topic about Daedalus.

First topic with introduction to Daedalus can be found here
So, today many new features in demo !
Pathfinding on triangulations made from bitmaps
Constraints as fully transformable objects
Box2D bridge
Automatic distribution and improved group pathfinding
A dungeon map generator
Triangulated cartoons

At last but not least, I plan to open the library as open source in coming weeks ! I will post when code is available.

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I wrote the first wiki page:


It deals with basic environment modelisation. I really hope Daedalus Lib's API is convenient and easy to understand !


Feedback are appreciated, even if you don't plan to use it because today it is Actionscript 3.


I plan to port the library in c++ and c#, so I would like to ensure the relevancy of the API now !

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