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STASH: No Loot Left Behind. Turn based mmorpg with incredible housing & tons of loot.

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Stash is an online rpg with turn based combat, massively customizable housing, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole.

We want to bring the magic back to the MMO genre: immersive worlds, strong communities, and enjoyment through the entire game - not just at "end game."

What makes Stash special and unique?

  • Turn based combat.
  • Customizable housing is one of the two core features of the game, not just an add-on. Players own a part of the world.
  • No level cap.
  • No quest grinding.
  • No Bind on Pickup.
  • Focus on the whole game, not just "end game." In fact, with no level cap, there is no "end game."
  • Interactive world that players can meaningfully change.
  • Solo play and all group sizes are completely viable. Not just full groups or raid groups.
  • An awesome world story with a unique twist that makes players part of the world story.

You can watch the trailer and see more on our web site:


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