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Great Site for Newbies

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Hey Newbies (this generalization includes myself), I thought you''d all like to take advantage of a good resource site. (That''s right there''s no "www." in front of it) has potential to be a great site for nebie programmers. It has a discussion forum, a powerpoint presentation on web designing, and it''s a place where you can post your games! So, if you''re really bored you should check this out. Oh, I didn''t make the site, by the way, I just thought it was cool. Well, a large carnivorous fungus that resembles regurgitated meatloaf is pounding on the door, and the Unstopable Feinds of the Ultimate Destiny have obtained a valuable piece of information and must be silinced, so, bye! The idiot...The Scudular!!!

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