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Recommendation of book for developing online multiplayer card game

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There are technical papers and tutorials about dealing with decks of cards. There are papers and books and algorithms and tutorials about dealing with the types of complex interactions commonly used in those games. There are the same things about network programming, and more on networked games. You can leverage existing engines for it, Unreal has a CardGame sample application.

There are even several complete CCG engines where you can fill in your own interactions and artwork and the engine does the rest.

But for a specific book, "How to develop an online multiplayer card game", I don't think you will find one.

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I agree with Frob.


Also you didn't told us about your experience with Network Programming(there are some books about that).

I have no idea why to many starters say about making something online. (Believe me it's hard).

I would suggest to make the game Local play and after you have a knowledge with Networking Programming try making it online.



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