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Logic Moves - Free Android Game

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The best & hardest logic/maze game.


Based on an old gameboy game, Logic Moves brings a lot of challenge, logic and fun.


You control a green ball and the goal is to take it to the flag. To achieve that, you must clear the way, by rotating spindoors, moving blocks, and filling holes with blocks.


In some levels there are more than one ball. ALL balls must reach the flag. You control only one ball at a time. You can change the active ball by pressing the special button (top-right of the game area, when applicable). The active ball is green. the other(s) are red. Often you have to combine the action of several balls to get the goal.


If you are unable to solve the level, press restart button to restart the entire stage from the beginning (top of the game area).


There are 70 levels with increasing difficulty
Logic Moves features amazing old style 8-bit music to accompany and thrill you on this logic journey.


Play Now!!

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Looked strangely never played this game. Games like this maze to navigate.

people who have the game contestants can share okay I want to try it

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