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[Release] Psichodelya - relesed on Steam

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you may have noticed the game Psichodelya in the development thread. Well, finally we have realeased it on Steam.
It's a vertical scrolling shmup that pays homage to shmups of old like DoDonPachi, Ikaruga and Espgaluda. Players control one of 3 playable ships – dodging bullets and destroying wave after wave of enemies for points in either single or 2 player local coop modes. There are 5 manic levels, each with an epic boss and 5 difficulty levels.
Set in futuristic environment, two races of mechanized alien species wage air-warfare over Earth-like pieces of land. Each ship has a coloured shield that protects the player from bullets that are the same colour. Enemy ships are also colour coded, making them more vulnerable to the same coloured bullets the player is firing.
More information is available on
and a few videos on the channel:
Again, it's:
Be vigilant,
- Gru

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