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Graphity - Gravitational Platform Shooter

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I'm currently working on a game called Graphity. At first glance it looks just like an ordinary platformer, but instead of just walking left and right, why not walk around platforms? The game revolves around, as you can read in the name, gravity. Currently the weapon the players are holding is set as a rocket launcher, to recreate some of those fun rocket arena games from Quake. In the final version of the game you can fully customize your weaponry as you see fit (of course within the range of some parameters to keep the game balanced and all). 


Check out some of the short videos introducing the gameplay of Graphity:


And some multiplayer action:



Some more technical details come to light when I try and explain the other meaning of Graphity, namely Graphics. I want to keep this game as lightweight as possible when it comes to adding art. Therefore, I've had a rather interesting challenge of making up textures and effects on the go. Everything you see in the game is either procedurally generated (the textures on the tiles, or the awesome nebula in the background) or being generated on the fly (the bullets as particles being blurred). 


I hope you like this game as much as I do! If you're interested you can always check out my blog, where I will post updates on Graphity as well as tutorials regularly. 


And finally some cool pictures:






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