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A successor to Sonic the Hedgehog: Looking for those experienced with the Unreal Engine

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Hey everyone.

I want a clarify that this was posted on the Unreal Engine website and is being spread among other forums, but I'm just trying to spread the word in case anything isn't interested on there. If it's dumb of me then you have the right to take me down and such. Though anyways, as of late, the iconic IP known as Sonic the Hedgehog has been doing poorly over the years, and simply put, I want to do what Mighty #09 is doing for Mega man. I want to bring up that I'm no programmer, I'm a writer, and if that will be a problem you may take the post down or deny my request. 

But back on topic. A few guys and I discussed what it would be like to create the successor to the Sonic Adventure series. Not a sequel but a successor like say, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was going to do but obviously failed. We can cover the story, the concepts and such, but we're lacking in programmers which is our main problem, and we were wondering if any of you would care to take part in this project. Mind you, it is not going to be a sonic game for obvious reasons. As stated we want to develop a new IP based around him and his games.

The goal is to try and do what Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was aiming to do, but obviously give it a complete revamp in regards to everything including the obviously universe, characters, level design but similar aesthetics.It's a bit outdated but I'll provide some of my concepts as an example, just to give a heads up. If applicable I plan on having this project on kickstarter, but before any of that I still need to give it an identity. I'm just looking for a team interested in investing their time into this. 


This is pretty outdated and over-ambitious but as long as any of you can get the main idea of what a few buddies and I would love to accomplish, I would highly appreciate it. 

Any advice whether it's positive or negative is accepted. I have no reason to fight or cause problems with the community.

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