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Names of medieval gameplay features

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I need to name two ingame features in my medieval rts.


1. Some sort of research / knowledge / development items (that you pay to start unlocking over time, like researching)

Agriculture I and II

Mining I and II

Surgeons (allows healing near settlements)

Brothels (more empire control)

Leadership (allows bigger armies)



2. Some sort of "powers" that can be activated once unlocked

Reinforcements (spawn troops on the map)

Inspire troops (give buff to troops)

Field healing



What could be good thematic names for such features?

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Medieval europe was dominated by religion. So you could go down that route.


Agriculture 1 : Isidore's labour

Agriculture 2 : Isidore's boon


Mining 1: Saint Barbara's blessing

Mining 2: Saint Barbara's boon


Surgeons : Saint Cosmas' gift




Reinforcements : The patronage of St. George

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1a - Accomplishments

Rather than look at it from the standpoint of science, consider it how people have progressed through hard labour. Any synonym for accomplishment hints at something that is now acquired and constant. People have worked hard and found a way to understand how to fallow the earth for example.


1b - Piety

A general abstract reference to how pious your people are, which in turn is granted progress by the One God. 



2 - Auctoritas

Possibly one of the most important concept of the entire middle ages: the authority a noble exercises on others, and in turn, the link that describes his submission to a higher noble or king.

This is an abstract concept of the power you have (your potestas put into motion) and how people look up to you. You're only as strong as you "look" through proper vassalisation and alliances (often through weddings to insure lineage).

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the resource used for both these are "honour", gained by churches, killing enemies, building monuments etc.


I think ill go for attainments (synonyme of  Accomplishments) and powers (or commandment!). Problem is the last one works a bit like a spell so something like "order/command" seems to mundane.

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