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Unity Can you guys help get me started making a 3d game?

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Hello,guys. I am planning to make a 3d game and wellI need help to get started.



1. I am using Unity and what would be a good language to use to make good 3d action adventure games (The game I am going to make now will be based on Luigi Mansion >  . I know Unity uses four languages. Unity script, Java Script, C# and Boo. and I am a complete Newbie at coding.


2. One day, I would like to make a team to.But I am not sure how would I pay my team. I can't really afford to pay a team with using the money in my wallet so how does a indie dev pay his team like a modeler or something?  I would like to have a team because there is some stuff I can't do like make models, music. and maybe others.


3.Where can I find a good tut for the language* the one you recommend* written ,not video. I can learn better when it is written and not on Youtube as a video.

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1. Forget about programming languages for a bit and focus on the mathematics. The mathematics is 1000% more important than picking a programming language. The fact is this: You can make a 3D game in any programming language, but the mathematics is going to be the same regardless of whatever language you pick. Programming languages are interchangeable for the most part. Once you know how to do the math and think like a programmer, you will only be asking "How do I implement XYZ in this programming language?! Oh, let me just look that up in the API.". So, the best mathematics you can get good at to prepare yourself for 3D programming are the following:
A) Linear Algebra (vectors, matricies, dot products, cross products, etc)
B) Trigonometry

C) Algebra
D) Calculus


2. Don't focus on building a team quite yet. Focus on getting really good at building stuff. You can use "programmer art" as placeholders for the art assets you'll eventually need.


3. You actually don't want a tutorial. They're too short and usually don't get deep enough. You want a few really good books. The beauty of books is that they're usually comprehensive, very well written, and you don't have to filter out any chaff to get to the good stuff. It's all good!


4. You didn't ask this, but your next question needs to be a question you ask yourself: "How much of my life am I actually willing to commit/dedicate to making games?" If the answer isn't "Decades!", then you need to think long and hard about your motivations. It has literally taken me 16 years to get to where I am today. I have been too stubborn and persistent to quit, and I slogged through some really hard work to get here. Are you willing to do that? To go through the pain and dedication it takes to really get the skills it takes to make a game, and the grind it takes to slog through the hard parts of making a game, ie, the non-glorious, mundane, not fun, repetitious parts?

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Your last question made me really think. I may not have what it takes to make a awesome game.  I just not a patient person to spend years on learning and math is not my subject. I am more of a idea/concept/story guy.


Thanks for the answer. Really open my eyes.

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