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Deploy a DirectX 9.0 application through Wine on Linux

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Hello people. First of all, I hope I'm on the right division of the forum with this topic.

Ok, here's the situation :

I'm developing a  Direct3D 9.0 game on Windows and it's all good. Lately I started thinking about making it cross-platfom. I need it to run on Linux and eventuallty Mac OSX. I installed Ubuntu on my rig as a second boot, installed Wine + Winetricks and found out my DirectX 9.0 game runs just fine on Ubuntu under Wine.

Now my question is - Is it a good idea to deploy a 3D application ( or any arbitrary application) on Linux using Wine. I mean, forcing users to install Wine and run it through it ?

As Wine could install some Microsoft components and libraries, such as Visual C runtime libraries, MS windows dlls which are part of the operating system, am I looking for trouble and legal issues if doing it that way ?

Does anybody deploy a Windows application on Linux using Wine and is there some way to make the instalation and configuration automatic in order to not force the user to install Wine beforehand manually ?

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Ok, thanks. I know about this tool, but I'm trying to avoid porting all together if possible :)

I mean, people at Wine put so big effort to translate D3D calls to OpenGL calls under Mac and Linux and it would be great if that could be used directly, without porting on my side.

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