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Opinion on Quality-Cheating

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Hey guys! Me again!

I solved several problems now (including weird effects when culling etc).

Now I want to tune up the performance a little.


As I stated, the vertex/indexBuffer gets loaded every update, meaning the recursive methode goes through the nodes

and looks if it needs to get deeper to get the subdivisionlevel needed.


This means If I got a high amount of steps to do every update-cycle.


I've come up with an Idea to reduce this.


As I calculate the angle between the CamToLookAt-Vector and CamToPoint-Vector for reducing the amount of

Nodes that has to go down all the way, I can change the Angle at which things will be just staying at MinimumDepth.

If I now set the Projection-Matrix to have only a View-Field of, lets say, 25, things will look much bigger.

This, of course, requires a little higher MinimumDepth (but not that much, as at a depth of 3 the Sphere already looks kinda round), but

gives me the oppertunity to clip at a very smaller angle and thus reducing the amount of polygons to be calculate every step.

How do you think of it?

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